Samstag, August 19, 2006

noch in hamburg?

oder wie? urbanistas, wo seid ihr? hier jedenfalls: sao paulo im landeanflug

und: was es aus meinem fenster zu sehen gibt ( ja, ich wohne auch in so einem netten block). lasst sehen , was vor eurem fenster in tours, aix, istanbul, schnelsen und shanghai los ist!

un saludo, anke


Blogger Coca said...

Hey, Michi, wie geht's?
I see that you have started a blog to explain your new experiences in La France!!!!! Oh, I want to see more pictures of Aix, I want to remember the city. Oha, I have envy, I want to be erasmus again.
When can we meet again? where? You know that my flat is your flat here. Would be nice if Cri and you could visit me. wow, think about it! Viele Grüsse!!!!!

5:38 PM


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